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The Pitfall to Physical Fitness Called LIFE!

02 Jun The Pitfall to Physical Fitness Called LIFE!

By Donna M. Jenkins, MHA, BHCM, RMA, CPT (SizeWize Fitness Coach)


Have you ever asked yourself why does it seem so hard to maintain a regular routine of exercise? The answer to that is quite simple, life happens! Now what you do about this is completely up to you. Establishing and maintaining a lifestyle of physical fitness takes consistency, determination and discipline. No one ever promised that this journey would be easy but it is quite possible to be successful. In fact, there are hundreds of images of this success highlighted in magazines, on television, in videos and maybe even residing in the very neighborhood that you live in. What do they know that you don’t? What makes them any different from you? It’s called a DECISION!

Once you make a true decision to become physically fit, you have to take the necessary steps to MAKE IT HAPPEN! These very words indicate that you can’t wait for it to happen, or hope that it will happen, or even work at it sometimes and think that it will happen. Pitfalls are lurking around every corner, hidden in emails, text messages and even in the very next phone call that you might receive. Pitfalls are anything that can and will take your focus away from your goal to become physically fit You have to be very deliberate about the steps you will take each and every day and start a routine. Make YOU a priority! No excuses and no exceptions!

Avoid pitfalls by doing things like, getting up early and packing your exercise bag, make a date with a friend to help you remain accountable, organize your day to put YOU 1st and plan your meals so that you eat a good nutritious meal to support your workout. There’s nothing worse than showing up to your workout and not being able to complete it because you become weak and overexerted because you’re running on E (empty). Avoid “Self Sabotage” by subconsciously creating or allowing these pitfalls to stop you from succeeding.

Pitfalls like any other obstacle can be avoided by careful planning and again, a good hefty dose of determination. Get out of your own way and balance the scales of your own life.

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