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About Us

Wellspring Family Medicine developed out of the vision of Dr. Damon Daniels to create a primary care practice with an emphasis on the healthcare needs of families in the Metro Columbia, South Carolina area. The mission of the practices is to provide the highest quality healthcare in a compassionate manner with an emphasis on the whole person. It is based on a model he created during his work in academic medicine at the University of South Carolina Department of Family of Medicine. It stems from the work of a national collaborative in Family Medicine called the Future of Family Medicine Project. The model is termed the Wellspring Integrated Care Model (WICM). The Primary componets of the model are :

The four elements of the model all act together to provide quality primary care for the entire family. The details of each element work together in the following fashion:


Patient Centered Care


The central focus of the model is to be PATIENT FOCUSED. Current research suggest that many families are looking for primary care services the meets their needs and respects their values. Wellspring Family Medicine strives to develop a relationships with our patients to foster an understanding of their health concerns and ultimately improve their health status.


Accessible/Comprehensive Care


Wellspring Family Medicine offers total care for the entire family. We provide both acute and chronic illness care. In addition, we offer preventive services for both pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. In addition, our scheduling systems are designed to allow ACCESS for patients to get care in a timely manner.


Quality Chronic Illness Care


Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease is having a devastating impact on the health of millions of Americans. Patients dealing with chronic illnesses require a customized approach to care. Wellspring Family Medicine has designed support programs for diabetics to help them become successful at managing their illness. We will also develop programs for patients with asthma, COPD, hypertension and heart disease.


Community Orientation


Wellspring Family Medicine is an advocate for wellness and health promotion outside of the walls of the practice. It participates regularly in community health activities and sponsors corporate wellness programs at local businesses.

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