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Bod Pod

How Does The Bod Pod Work?


The BOD POD is based on the same whole-body measurement principle as underwater weighing, except it uses air instead of water. The technology allows a patient to sit comfortably in the BOD POD’s cabin while computerized pressure sensors determine the amount of air displaced by the subjects body.

What You Should Know About The Bod Pod Test:


The BOD POD test is quick, taking less than 5 minutes from start to finish. Since it measures the amount of air a body displaces, minimal clothing is required, ideally a spandex swimsuit. For the same reason, the test subject wears a swim cap to compress the hair on the head.


Preparing For A Bod Pod Test:


1. No eating 2 hours prior to the test
2. No exercise 2 hours prior to the test
3. No eye glasses or jewelry is to be worn during the test
4. WOMEN – 1 piece or 2 piece swimsuit or sports bra and spandex shorts.
5. MEN – Spandex running shorts or spandex boxer briefs
6. Void bladder prior to testing


During The Test:


1. The BOD POD is calibrated and the patient is weighed.
2. Relax and sit up straight in the BOD POD’s fiberglass cabin while the sensors measure the amount of air displaced by your body (3 x 50 seconds)
3. Limit your movement while seated in the cabin
4. Breathe normally

Who Uses the Bod Pod?

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