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The Size Wize Weight Management program is a comprehensive primary care based weight loss management program designed to help members achieve their health and wellness goals and develop healthy living skills to reduce the risk of complications from chronic medical problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Current research has shown that being overweight is related to many medical problems and indicates that effective weight management can improve several medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Size Wize Weight Management offers:

Medical Assessment

Each participant will receive an initial assessment that will give our team a snapshot of the medical issues that may be associated with being overweight. In addition, a BOD POD assessment will be done to determine the amount of body fat the participant carries. Improvements in the medical status of each participant will be followed over the course of the program.

Nutritional Coaching

Counting calories alone doesn’t always lead to healthy eating! Size Wize uses a meal planning system that is flexible and focuses on the needs of its clients. We also empower members to make wise food selections through our local grocery store tours led by our health coach.

Time Management

Size Wize weight loss management takes time to not only teach you how to eat but
when to eat for long term weight loss success.


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Health Coaching

Regular Health Coaching sessions will be available to help you change the way you think about nutrition and overcome your personal barriers to weight loss.

Exercise Prescriptions

We will assist you with developing a physical activity plan that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.  You will be given a prescription by our medical director to make sure you can exercise in a safe and effective manner.

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