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Fast Food vs. Healthy Food I think I will just count calories instead…

07 Jul Fast Food vs. Healthy Food I think I will just count calories instead…

By Darrin Eaddy


Hey people welcome back! Fast food vs. healthy food, it’s just calories right? Wrong!


Let’s change gears a bit from discussing working out, to talk about counting calories. This practice has been around for quite a while now. It became widely popular with the Weight Watchers program when it was in its early years, and required tracking the number of calories you took in each day. It’s a good concept and can work well, if you do it right. The problem? You had to manually track your calories, read labels, and measure food on a scale. It’s a little simpler now that we have technology on our side with apps like Lose It, Calorie King, and My Fitness Pal; in addition to many restaurants providing nutritional information about what is offered on their menus. These are all very good resources that can be used to count calories, as well as the amount of carbs, protein, sodium, and sugars that each meal contains. So how are you doing? Are you able to lose weight and keep it off? No? Are you surprised? I’m not.

Part of my job as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant is to teach you how to eat for results, instead of just eating for the sake of eating. Calorie counting is good but can be misleading depending on how you obtain that information, including secondhand advice from people who have picked up little tidbits here and there. There is also the matter of productive caloric intake. Which is better, a grilled chicken sandwich with “special sauce”, or a burger made plain? Which will do more to impede you reaching your goal, a 6 pack of chicken nuggets, or small bowl of chili from the value menu? How long will you continue to try just counting calories before you get frustrated, bored, or begin to starve because you got the numbers wrong? Forgot something! What about exercise? How do you count calories when you exercise? I guarantee it needs to be different than when not exercising, so it gets a little more complicated. There are good foods and bad foods. Eating less of the bad food simply means you gain one pound instead of two, and when eating healthy food your body needs more than just a salad…


Kind of makes your head spin to consider all the things involved in healthy weight loss. Trust me, I feel your pain, but there is hope! Words of advice, before you start counting calories, know why you’re counting calories. Is your goal simply to lose weight, or tone and shape your body? Never jump into something without know what you want out of it! Failing to plan is planning to fail!

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