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WSFM Plans Partnership with Engage Health IQ

03 Oct WSFM Plans Partnership with Engage Health IQ

As someone dedicated to harnessing and cultivating relationships with our patients, the recent changes in health care you have likely heard of are very much top of mind for me.

Some of the news you may be aware of includes changes to your insurance, as well as cost structure and reimbursement transformation for practices and hospitals.
We are also seeing an unprecedented amount of change in patient needs and expectations.

We are proud to tell you about the proactive approach we are taking at Wellspring Family Medicine so that we can continue to offer true, patient-centric and innovative care. We are listening, and we want you to know.

Patients choose Wellspring Family Medicine knowing that they can receive compassionate care that focuses on their entire health. We believe in access to comprehensive care, quality chronic illness care, and we have a true community-facing orientation. This has been our vision since 2007, and we will continue to be committed to this vision for decades to come.

With this vision, we recognize we have a changing demographic of patients (with an increasing number of those age 60 or older), and that we have an increasing number of people with chronic conditions. In fact South Carolina ranks 10th in the nation in the percent of population with diabetes.

Wellspring Family Medicine is in the process of transforming into a Patient-Centered Medical Home to better equip us to take care of our patients with diabetes and other chronic medical conditions. We are striving to be the primary place where our patients receive care to manage their chronic medical conditions (i.e. a medical home). And now, our partnership with EngageHealth IQ marks another crucial step in helping us deliver the highest quality of care to our patients, as well as the entire community.

Beyond access to care, we recognize the value in using technology (and data-backed decision making) for improved care, and improved outcomes. We recognize that we also want our employees to support our broader vision as best they can, and EngageHealth IQ is helping us uniquely fulfill that goal.

As the health care system transforms, EngageHealth IQ will be there to help us proactively fill the gapsĀ both clinically and operationally. But perhaps more importantly, at its core, our partnership will serve to support the relationship we have with our patients, which has always been our highest priority.

With the shift from payment for care delivered, to payment for patient outcomes, we are ready to embrace our new health initiatives. We are ready to continue listening to you and the community. This is important as our patient’s needs continue to change. Our team and our patients are ready to embrace change, and we want to continue to improve the health and wellness of the community in Columbia. This is why we are proudly using proven, evidence-based practices to help people better self-manage their health.

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